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What more could we ask for? Our clients trust our years of experience and passion to deliver actionable results. The most fruitful and rewarding client relationships we have, develop when we are positioned as a trusted part of the team and more than just a vendor. With trust comes responsibility, and our goal is always to treat our clients’ needs as paramount, while repaying that trust with strategic support and impactful results.
Our clients range from blue-chip corporates and large government departments through to small and medium airlines and airports:

Aéroport de Paris – Aéroport de Beauvais –Sukhoi SuperJet International – Air Moldova – RwandAir – AFRAA

Polytechnic Turino Our partners work with us to co-create, sponsor, and deliver our services. We are a registered company on the Research and Innovation program supported by the European Union in transportation and mobility, in cooperation with the Polytechnic University of Turin and large metropolitan areas.

Great achievements start with great team efforts!

Our aim is to provide you with the system and experience to expand your World, through marketing intelligence, route development, network optimisation and revenue management. We are a team of experienced airline consultants, having had assignment with international airlines and airports worldwide. We have a culture of individuals committed to the perfection of our roles and the growth of our industry standards. We are out of the box thinkers that require a high level of performance while managing our work and life balance. We work in a world of accountability at the highest level. Because we know that your trust shall be earned, not given!
Working with reputable European institutions and having our own research team in data and modelisation, we have developed our proprietary models and software to provide you with reliable information. Today we are the only company providing you with a multidimensional approach to expand your world! We have data experts, we have complex modelisation specialists, we know the airline business, and we have designed the tools you want for agile marketing and business intelligence, route development, network planning, and revenue management in a truly integrated solution.
We are confident that our highly experienced team of professionals can both meet and exceed your expectations, and Predictive Mobility’s client base will attest to this.
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