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If you are serious about expanding your world and want to attract passengers and revenue on a more consistent and predictable basis, we offer a whole range of solutions to enhance your profitability and market share.

Management Consulting

Our team comprises a large number of experienced professionals with more than 15 years of experience from diverse aviation background, with solid technical expertise. Our management consulting services include airline management reports, network forecasting and budgeting, business reorganisation and network restructuring, mergers and acquisitions, financial, commercial and operational due diligence, and start-up business consulting with preparation of business and financial plans, feasibility studies, and implementation services.


Route Development

Our route development services for airlines and airports are not just about computing data and producing presentations but focus on a proven methodology: triangulation of different data sources, from MIDT to Civil Aviation and socio-economics, triangulation of the forecasting methodologies to estimate future demand, building a true Profit & Loss statement, and ultimately delivering a detailed report in both document and presentation formats. Your audience doesn’t know who to trust anymore – we earn their trust back by our cross referenced analytics, our experience, and results!

Demand Forecasting for Long Term Planning

Our long term forecasting methodology is approved by independent authorities such as the French Civil Aviation and the Transport and Mobility Commission of the European Union. Our work has led major international airports to benefit from public support for their infrastructure projects. We are also participating as aviation experts to the construction of the long term airline market forecast studies for two major aircraft manufacturers worldwide.


Agile Marketing is the new approach to address your competitive environment. Your competitors are multiple, your environment disruptive, and your customers volatile, grabbing any opportunities for low fares. All these happening together, simultaneously and continuously! Facing these challenges, a coordinated approach is mandatory. AIR.PM is the first tool to be conceived from a decision maker perspective. Our system allows you to push different levers at the same time in a coordinated fashion. You command and control your marketing planning activities all together. Because fierce competition requires to review you pricing while adjusting your schedule, looking for tactical market opportunities, and streamlining your booking allocation.

Agile marketing

AIR.PM allows you to implement coordinated commercial decisions on your network, and to grow your revenue and passenger traffic – Expand your world by gaining market share and opening new routes worldwide!

Big Data

Discover big intelligence for airline schedule optimization and marketing planning, contact us...