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AIR.PM SUITE is the new reference Scheduling, Network Planning, Market Intelligence, Pricing and Revenue Management, rewarded for its break-through innovations in 2014, 2017 and 2020, and the solution of choice by more than 10 low cost carriers worldwide!
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There is a way to do it better. We find it by working with our customers and working backward, starting from your business, and finding smart solutions to your scheduling, route development, pricing, and revenue management issues. AIR.PM is the result of our vision, 25 years aviation expertise, dedication to innovate and quality delivery, but also our inspiring talks with you.
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Predictive Mobility delivers Big Intelligence that helps you to be Agile in your Marketing responses, to grow and create a competitive advantage. Big data and market intelligence are behind our solution AIR.PM for building a coordinated strategy in network planning, route development, scheduling, pricing and revenue management.

New updates

Jan 20, 2022

AIR.PM 2022!

Predictive Mobility would like to wish all our customers a very happy and successful New Year! Our team is as motivated as ever to enhance our application for 2022, with a set of new features and functions that will further enhance your experience in our platform AIR.PM. Our first objective is to continue our investment […]


Nov 15, 2021

Summer 2021 – Airport Capacity Analysis, and Findings for Covid-19 Market Recovery

Find our analysis on the Summer 2021 capacity analysis versus the previous years to understand the winning strategy to recover from the Covid-19 crisis. We focused on the French speaking aviation, and cover the European, African, and North American market. For the link to the article:


Sep 03, 2021

AIR.PM Intelligent: +40 Macroeconomic Indicators Updated!

AIR.PM Intelligent objective is to provide you with market intelligence at the origin and destination level up to multiple macroeconomic indicators, forecast future demand, estimate market seasonality and special events, monitor and enhance your route profile and cost of operations, and monitor your airline performance. This summer our data team has updated more than 40 […]


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